And more raindrops!

Refreshingly lucid and genial,

Sanguinely laden drizzle.

Puckishly dancing,

On my pale peach face,

Reliving the soul within.

The warbler inside me,

Gingerly started gushing,

Leaving doldrums aside.

Enriching the innate desire of,

Feeling complete and glorified.

Tinged Memoir

With all the shimmery wet pebbles and some hazy reminiscences,

Nearly a mile, I started trembling in the shallow sand.

That murmuring sound of the breeze tardily tickled my ears,

I stopped and turned to feel the capricious wave with my hand.

Those oaths, in my heart and delicately decorated promises,

And it’s us, me and my solitude amidst the curious twilight that holds the magic wand.

Tangled, yet wriggling and wrapping up my thoughts, oh yes,

My sparkling yellow trinket I wore and my pink rubber band.

I lost it towards the pebbled shore,

Alas! Between the pack of shells.

Amongst multifarious crawling snails, here I found an ivory pearl.

While I feel a sudden whim to filch the tranquility within my seamless soul,

Nurturing passionately those strings of life, I hold myself up and high.

For the dainty memories, I ponder on those unheard conversation and then,

Well, I cuddled, I gazed, and I embraced it until the dawn, until I gleamed.


Something had terribly yet abruptly went wrong,

Well, yes, that’s true, you folks at home.

The long impending apocalypse has come,

Now everyone is mourning over for not being unflappable and calm.

Are you fidgeting over the mayhem around you?

Are you drooling over old melodramatic food pictures?

Are you sleeping all right?

Are you major missing your travelogue?

Are you afraid of losing someone?

Are you making fun of the leaders all around?

Are you doing something about it?

Or you are just praying to get over the crisis?

Well, let’s back-pedal and have a keen look at what we did wrong.

Not pondering over the sundry trees we have cut?

Not pleased over the riddance from other critter?

Not satisfied with the air quality?

Not happy the way the temperature is fluctuating?

Not proud enough to hurt the Mother Earth?

That thrilling traffic lights, do you miss the gridlock?

Or just planning to step out from your humble abode with a cloak?

Did it stop, bolstering enough distance from your dear ones?

Or are you just obligated to keep a social distancing from everyone?

Did it not occur to lose your mind?

Did it not occur to loosen up?

Did it not occur to give a thought?

You think It’s a flimflam,

A deceit,

A lie,

A clamour,

A trap,

A fabrication,

A farce and what not!

“NO, my dear” said the Mother Earth.

A reality check with a clear view.

A humble reminder to improve your views.

Just a show that shows that there won’t be any show if you keep repeating your nonsensical show.

Wagged Off Memory

Since I love you so much please come back to me

Miss those woofs,

Miss those mumbling,

Miss that wagging tail,

Each day


I am getting stronger.

Please come back to me since I love you so much.

All the hassles,

All the troubles,

All of chaos,

How I wish you to be with me since I love you so much

Never ever imagined you would leave me in void

Probing on my existence,

Probing for some serenity,

Probing my abode for the paw prints,

Each day

Every day

I am getting stronger.

I so wish to be with you since I love you so much

Not so lanky,

Not so hopeless,

Not so calm, my canine was.

Though deep inside my heart

I know that you still reside in me.

Not just a dog,

Not just a handsome brat,

Yet just a piece of memory.

Each day

Every day

I am getting stronger.

I still love you fondly, dearly until my last breath.

Lazy wall and the green mug

Behind the lame torpid walls I can sense the perennial grass,

With handful of sweet almonds, I leisurely spend my day.

Holding my green mug gently, one sip told me the coffee was strong,

Nipping my pink chapped lips remind me of the smile I had.

How I truly wish I could let myself fly up incessantly.

So abruptly I then see an ant crawling on my leg,

The hunt for food was his motive I can sense.

I then compare my life with his,

I ponder, and at times I wonder, and at least I now chant,

The more I seek, the more I change my unknown narrow route,

Those irresistible springs that made me laugh and babble,

Those serene winters that made me play with snow and dance merrily.

How I feel I could be a dove and spread the innocence and purity.

For me, myself, in a way, upon the fiery lane,

Behind these lazy walls, I hold my green mug, and gaze evrything at once.

And with those long and naïve thicket, I start painting those lazy walls.

Haimish Love

This haimish love proudly I carry all along wherever I go,

The unfathomable bond happily I share is a treasure on the go.

Well, this perennial touch I earnestly value all my life,

The tenderness however seems to be rather a delight.

Now the humdrum song I sing is as enchanting as my soul,

The mundane moves are no more melancholy on the floor.

The lavish vintage red wine, tinged with walnuts and cheese,

How I cook pasta and sausage with a small pinch of pepper with ease.

I will never halt asking you for the sinful sizzling brownie,

How I bet you shall ever stop praising me by spending a little penny.

All that prayer now I chant,

All that chide now I avoid,

All that smiles now I spread,

All that memory now I keep,

This is a haimish love for each other how I feel.

And I wrote a billet-doux!

How it is to be an eloquent vivacious soul,

So, ask me though.

How it is to be in an incessant long voyage,

Ask me though.

Well, how it is to be an enchanting aubade,

Yes, ask me though.

And how it is to be your lover?

Ask me again and here I pompously say,

Upon the torrid lane I see you,

Towards the dazzling star I feel you,

Inside the murky castle I defend you,

And, for more than myself I love you!

Today, this day, that day and every day.


I am so fond of a limelight,

Every day, Everywhere, for I could hold myself firm and high.

The more I provoke me, the more I seek me.

Up above the sensible blue horizon, behind those fascinating vibrant stars,​

I silently babble endlessly, upon the mesmerizing velvety clouds.

I am fond of a limelight, for once and all I want to be here, listening to a lullaby,

Every moment, every other day, for I could raise the bar of innocence.

The more I see the colors, the more I want to be a rainbow.

Upon those creepy lane, roaring high in the grassland,

I sit on a wooden bench, and wait for the gentle breeze to touch my soul.

I am so fond of a limelight, for now and on I want to be myself.

Every now and then, I want to rise and raise those bosh spells.

The more I see the golden chalice, the more I crave to see the magic.

Around the mysterious world, such phenomenal creatures and the nature beneath us,

I ponder at those noiseless footstep and still search for my eternal existence.

Out of the Blue

Sudden irresistible thought started crawling inside me now & then,

Caught me somewhere in the middle for lonely hours.

Feelings got diversified into infinite particles.

My shadow and my soul fighting against each other,

The mayhem that bought them together,

Appreciates the stars for such a cunning gesture all along.

The transcendental instincts holding my hand under,

Trying to impress the heavenly bodies across the border.

Barking high up in the perennial grasses knowingly,

Let me expect some mercy besides the incorrigible act.

Lost all sanity when surrounded with unpleasant creatures,

Keeping me ahead in spite of the fact that I am handling solo!

Now on waiting eagerly I am for a halcyon days carrying fine bunch of hope.

Got no complain for any little thing except for the fact that it was all me!

I can see some light far away from my naked eyes.

I am screaming for emancipation through my window.

Want to get away from the murky night in isolation.

Waiting for the dawn to get shimmery.

Suddenly my eyes got open,, found myself inmy bed and out of the hell realized that I was caught into a nightmare.

A all new day,

A all new hope,

A all new prayer, for what all I want!

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